Lawn Fertilization

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We use only slow release granular fertilizer products, unlike some of the national lawn care companies who use liquid fertilizers so they can apply multiple products in a single mixture. We use slow release fertilizer to provide steady availability of nutrients, to reduce the chance of burning your lawn, and to reduce leaching. It is more work and more expense, but we know it is worth it.

Liquid applications of broadleaf weed control are included with all lawn care programs. There are currently NO effective post-emergent organic weed control products available, so each of our programs includes conventional weed control. We are happy to adjust any program to meet your goals.



  • Four fertilizer and two broadleaf weed control applications
  • Highest quality mineral fertilizer for fast, great results
  • Early spring fertilizer application also includes crabgrass control
  • Late summer soil builder fertilizer application for slow feeding and improving soil structure and health over time
  • Budget-friendly



  • Four organic based fertilizer and two broadleaf weed control applications
  • Quick green-up in spring because the mineral components are not dependent on soil temperature
  • Organic fertilizer components enrich the soil
  • Organic benefits at a reasonable price



  • Four organic fertilizer and two broadleaf weed control applications
  • Strictly organic fertilizer, generally based on poultry byproducts
  • Patience required – organic products are not as fast acting
  • Great soil enrichment over time – Mother Nature will thank you!

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