Lawn Care Programs

Conventional Fertilization
We use the highest quality mineral fertilizers. They are fast acting and provide a great result.  Mineral fertilizers also tend to be less expensive. The first fertilizer application also includes crabgrass control. Contact Us Today!

Organic Based Fertilization
This program utilizes mineral and organic components.  You will get a quick green-up in the spring because the mineral components are not dependent on soil temperature.  The organic components enrich the soil, providing constant access to nutrients and no leaching. Contact Us Today!

Organic Fertilization
In this program we offer strictly organic products, generally based on poultry byproducts with the goal of soil enrichment.  With proper soil feeding you will get a great result and Mother Nature will thank you for it too.  This program requires a little patience (2-3 years) because organic products are not as fast acting.   Contact Us Today!

Whichever approach you select, we recommend four applications:  Early Spring (fertilizer includes Crabgrass Preventer) 3/15-5/1, Summer 6/15-8/1, Late Summer 8/1-9/15, and Late Fall 11/1-12/15. Contact Us Today!