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Grub control is a critical aspect of lawn maintenance, as grubs can cause significant damage to the roots, leading to unhealthy and unsightly lawns. Emerald Lawn Care utilizes a comprehensive plan to identify and eliminate grubs to give you a healthy and aesthetically pleasing yard. 

Grubs, the larvae of various beetle species like Japanese beetles and chafers, feed on your lawn’s root system, and their presence can attract wildlife like skunks and raccoons, which can further damage the lawn. Effective grub control typically involves both preventative and curative approaches.

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Preventative Grub Control

Timing and Application


The preventative approach is typically implemented in June and early July. The timing is crucial as it targets the grub lifecycle before the larvae can cause significant damage.


This involves applying a granular insecticide to the lawn, which is absorbed into the soil and taken up by the grassroots.



After application, it is important to water the lawn. Watering-in helps the insecticide penetrate the soil and reach the root zone where the grubs are feeding.

Benefits of Prevention

Cost-Effective: Preventative treatments are generally less expensive compared to curative measures.

Minimizing Damage: By controlling grubs before they grow and start feeding extensively, you can prevent the widespread damage they can inflict on your lawn.

Curative Grub Control

Timing and Application

When: Curative treatments are typically applied in the fall when grubs are actively feeding.

How: Similar to preventative treatments, curative control also involves the application of a granular insecticide.

Watering-In: As with the preventative approach, it’s important to water the lawn after applying the curative treatment.

Considerations for Curative Treatment

Damage Assessment: Curative treatments are often a reaction to visible damage or the presence of grubs, which might mean that some degree of lawn damage has already occurred.

Effectiveness: While curative treatments can effectively reduce grub populations, they may not be able to completely undo the damage already caused to the lawn.

Additional Strategies for Grub Control

1. Regular Monitoring

Regularly inspect your lawn for signs of grubs, such as brown patches or increased bird activity (birds may feed on grubs).

2. Lawn Health Maintenance

Keeping your lawn healthy through proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing can make it more resilient to grub damage.

Grub control is an essential element of lawn care, especially for maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing yard. A combination of preventative and curative measures, each timed to correspond with the grub life cycle, can effectively manage grub populations and minimize lawn damage. Proper application and watering-in of the treatments are key to their success. Additionally, maintaining overall lawn health can help reduce the impact of grubs on your lawn.

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What Customers Are Saying

“First year with Emerald Lawn Care after using multiple national franchise companies. It is such a pleasure dealing with a local company that you can talk to about your lawn and any concerns. The field tech Mike is very professional and willing to address any concerns that I have had. I am so impressed by this company, despite the drought we had this early summer, my lawn looks wonderful.” ~ John

“They’ve taken their time to explain the logic and science behind lawncare and how their application will bring long term improvements. As the season rolled by, I’ve seen a stark difference between my yard and my neighbors’. They are timely and professional. I get texts before and after with clear notes. They know what they are doing..” ~ Sunil

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