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Liquid Aeration

We take our aeration service to the next level by using two products that provide the advantages of mechanical aeration while eliminating the disadvantages. Our liquid aeration creates fractures throughout the soil and aggregates soil particles together, allowing more air and water infiltration. This results in improved root development and reduced compaction, and also makes nutrients in the soil more available to the turf.  The addition of kelp helps the lawn recover more quickly from summer stress.  Traditional mechanical aeration only reduces compaction in the immediate area where the core is pulled rather than the entire lawn, it leaves a mess in your yard for dogs and kids to track into the house, and it can be difficult to do without damaging sprinkler system heads and electronic dog fences.  With liquid aeration, you no longer need to flag your yard!  This environmentally-friendly combination of potassium, humic acid, kelp and newly-available nutrients from the soil will help your lawn breathe and flourish.


This isn’t just a scatter of grass seed in your bare spots!  Overseeding is an extensive process consisting of a multiple-pass mechanical aeration to prepare the seed bed, power raking in some cases, seeding with the right seed for the site conditions, an application of starter fertilizer, and pelletized mulch if necessary.  Then it is up to you and that means – watering!  Every day, twice a day: for 20 minutes in the morning and then again in the afternoon, for 30 days.  Successful seeding relies on two things – seed-to-soil contact (that’s up to us) and proper watering (that’s all you). In addition to thickening your turf, overseeding can also help overcome disease issues by using disease-resistant seed blends to establish new grasses in your lawn, reducing the need for expensive (and frequently temporary) fungicides.

Note: If you have an irrigation system and/or electronic dog fence you must carefully mark the sprinkler heads and/or wires.  Emerald Lawn Care is not responsible for damage to these systems.  Seeding is not guaranteed since watering is outside of our control.

Soil Testing

If we believe poor soil conditions (problems regarding PH, nutrients, organic matter, etc.) are impacting the health of your turf and/or trees and shrubs, we can take soil samples for analysis by an independent lab.  Based on the results, we will make recommendations to correct any issues identified.  There is a fee for this service.

Gopher Control

Just Kidding!

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