Slow-release fertilizers

Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizer represents a significant innovation in lawn care fertilization, offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach to nitrogen delivery. This type of fertilizer primarily consists of urea nitrogen, which is treated with special inhibitors to slow down its conversion into more volatile forms. Here’s a deeper look into its characteristics and benefits.

Composition and Mechanism

In stabilized nitrogen fertilizers, the urea nitrogen is coated with inhibitors. These inhibitors play a crucial role in delaying the conversion process of urea into ammonium, a form of nitrogen that grass can readily absorb. Normally, when urea is applied to soil, it is quickly converted to ammonium and then to nitrate. However, the inhibitors slow down this process.

Benefits of Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizer

  1. Reduced Nutrient Loss: The primary advantage of using a stabilized nitrogen fertilizer is the significant reduction in nutrient losses. In traditional nitrogen fertilizers, a substantial amount of nitrogen can be lost to the atmosphere through volatilization (where nitrogen gases off), to water bodies through leaching, or be rendered unusable by lawns through denitrification. The inhibitors in stabilized nitrogen fertilizers significantly reduce these losses.


  2. Longer Feeding Period: As a result of the slowed conversion process, stabilized nitrogen fertilizers provide a consistent and stable source of nitrogen to lawns for an extended period, typically ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. This extended feeding period means that lawns receive a steady supply of the nutrients, promoting healthier and more sustained growth.
  3. Improved Efficiency: With reduced volatilization, denitrification, and leaching, more of the applied nitrogen remains in the soil for lawn use. This improved efficiency means less fertilizer is needed to achieve the desired growth results, reducing environmental impact.
  4. Environmental Protection: By minimizing nitrogen loss to the atmosphere and groundwater, stabilized nitrogen fertilizers play a crucial role in protecting the environment.


Stabilized nitrogen fertilizers are used in various settings, including professional lawn care. They are particularly beneficial in areas where nitrogen loss is a concern due to specific soil types or climatic conditions.


While stabilized nitrogen fertilizers offer many advantages, it’s important to apply them correctly. Over-application can still lead to environmental issues and may not provide additional benefits to lawn growth. As with any fertilizer, providing applications for the specific needs of the lawn is crucial for optimal results.

Emerald Lawn Care provides lawn care programs with the correct fertilizers and proper applications for your lawn. We understand our local turf species, soil types, and growing conditions.  

As experts in the lawn care industry, Emerald Lawn Care knows that the needs of your lawn and its ability to take up nutrients change throughout the growing season.  We select and apply fertilizer products that are most appropriate based on your turf type, growing conditions, and time of year to ensure your lawn looks its best.

Stabilized nitrogen fertilizer is a smart choice. It offers an efficient and environmentally friendly way to supply nitrogen to lawns, aligning with modern sustainable lawn care practices.

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